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Gantry architecture 3D printer
Gantry building 3D printer: price of 8m wide by dimensions: 4 million yuan; price of 12m wide equipment: 6 million yuan; price of 16m wide equipment: 8 million yuan; price of 20m wide equipment: 10 million yuan; gantry building 3D printer is only limited to the width of the building, that is, the span is limited, and there is no limit to the height and length. The complete set of equipment includes: mixing system, loading system, printing System, automatic lifting system. About 3-5 days after assembly. To the scene. The weight is about 10-20 tons.


Tower crane 3D printer
Tower crane building 3D printer: it can be divided into 15-30 meters in diameter, with prices ranging from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions. Because gantry type is not convenient for handling and compact in volume, the research and development of tower crane building 3D printer is light and heavy for about one day. The tower crane type is divided into semi-automatic and full automation. The automation is from 500000 to 2 million, which requires about 12 people, and the full automation needs within 5 people. The weight is about 5-15 tons.

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