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Home stay practitioners look! Technology of "3D printing house" technology IP homestay has been launched

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  • Time of issue:2020-02-19
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(Summary description)In recent years, the consumption trend of tourist home stay is gradually popular: either facing the sea, or leaning against the green mountains One suite, one room, becomes a place for tourists to ret

Home stay practitioners look! Technology of "3D printing house" technology IP homestay has been launched

(Summary description)In recent years, the consumption trend of tourist home stay is gradually popular: either facing the sea, or leaning against the green mountains One suite, one room, becomes a place for tourists to ret

  • Categories:Company news
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  • Time of issue:2020-02-19
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In recent years, the consumption trend of tourist home stay is gradually popular: either facing the sea, or leaning against the green mountains One suite, one room, becomes a place for tourists to return to nature. This new tourism economic industry is a win-win industrial model. On the one hand, it drives the development of "global tourism" in the destination and stimulates the potential function of local tourism economy; on the other hand, it also gives tourists a good opportunity to integrate into local life and experience local customs and real life. According to the report on the development of China's shared accommodation 2019 released by the National Information Center on July 2, in 2018, the transaction volume of China's shared accommodation market was 16.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 37.5%, the number of online houses was about 3.5 million, a year-on-year increase of 16.7%, and the number of tenants reached 79.45 million. It can be seen that the development potential of tourism accommodation industry is unlimited.


In the operation process of homestay, how to maximize the personalization and characteristics, create "IP" based on the landlord and ownership, attract or place fans, and even make the house itself a travel destination, which has become the core of the operation of tourism homestay. According to a survey conducted by airbnb, 79% of the users on the platform want to experience characteristic homestay. Therefore, the personalized and tourism home stay experience with super IP value is one of the biggest selling points of airbnb.
In China, although the tourism homestay industry has obtained the "blowout" development, it has lagged behind in the IP construction of the homestay places. Tent house, container house and old house transformation have become the three main types of "tourism homestay". The embarrassing industrial status of "one thousand bedrooms in one room" has greatly intensified the development of the characteristics of China's tourism homestay.
Recently, Beijing Huashang Luhai Technology Co., Ltd., the world's first commercial enterprise to realize "3D building printing", launched the "3D prefabricated building" product. This product will become a new breakthrough for IP building of China's tourism home stay portal. , we will learn about the value of this new tourist accommodation based on "3D building printing" technology.
House Factory 3D customized printing greatly protects tourism natural resources
Basically, the tourist home stay is mainly built on the basis of tourism natural resources, so there are high requirements on the environmental protection of the construction of the home stay. There are many tourist natural scenic spots, especially for the construction.
Chinese land and sea "3D assembly building" has great advantages in this respect. It is understood that the product will take each "single building" as a unit, complete more than 80% of the construction content of the building through the overall customized printing in the factory; the part of the construction in the residential site, fully fixed assembly and internal decoration. This mode of production can replace the protection of tourism natural resources in the residential area, and can change the construction cycle of the site, so as to further maintain the "original ecological" value of the residential area.
(factory 3D customized printing of "single building")
"Reinforced concrete" for building printing raw materials to improve the living comfort of tourist accommodation
In these countries, tent house and container house have been in a large proportion. However, there are many disadvantages in these areas, such as sound insulation, heat insulation, and adaptability of human settlements, which can not meet the needs of tourists' potential residence.
In this respect, the "3D assembly building" with the same "convenience" and "mobility" as the tent house and the container house embodies the super technical advantages.
At present, as the only enterprise in the world that can realize the printing of "ordinary asphalt concrete" - Chinese merchants, land and sea, in the process of each single building of "3D assembly building", both the thickness of the wall and the structural form are the same as the current traditional pouring building. Therefore, no matter in the heat insulation, sound insulation, or adaptability of housing, it can meet the living habits of consumers, which will further extend the life cycle of consumers.
(reinforced concrete is the raw material to ensure the residential comfort)
Advanced 3D printing technology can guarantee the structural stability of the building for 100 years
In the printing process of "3D assembly building" of Chinese land and sea, ensuring the stability of building structure has always been the core technical requirement. Therefore, in terms of the selection of raw materials, the most solid reinforced concrete has been replaced by the Chinese land and sea. In addition, in terms of construction technology, the Chinese land and sea has the world's original "vertical construction, horizontal use" technology, thus ensuring the super structural stability of the building "unchanged for 100 years".
It is reported that this "vertical construction, horizontal use" technology application can not only tamp the structural density of the building with "vertical construction" optimization in the construction process, and enhance the building strength; at the same time, in the assembly process, it is also based on this super strong building stability, in the hoisting alternation, the single weight printed by Chinese merchants on land and sea ranges from several tons to dozens of tons, only 4 The lifting work can be completed by lifting points.
When applied to the field of tourist accommodation, this super strong structural stability can not only ensure the structural stability of the building itself, such as the wall is not cracked, not deformed; at the same time, in the unknown sudden natural disasters, it can also guarantee the personal and property safety of the building to the greatest extent, and reduce the loss of the operators.
("vertical construction, horizontal use" to ensure the super stability of the building structure)
With first-class building assembly, it can meet the needs of different tourist accommodation scenes
It can not only realize the overall printing on site, but also realize the diversity of buildings based on the advantages of "3D assembly building". It is the enabling value provided by the "3D building printing" of Chinese land and sea for the tourism and accommodation industry.
In 2017, land and sea, a Chinese businessman, printed a "New Windsor Castle" with an area of more than 600 square meters for a tourism enterprise. Once the building located in the "Beijing Winter Olympics tourism circle" was launched, it became the focus of attention of all major media and tourism groups.
At the beginning of 2019, the "3D prefabricated building" launched by Chinese businessmen on land and sea based on the market demand of "culture, tourism and real estate" including tourism and homestay, adopted its assembly form and made it the focus of attention of many culture and tourism characteristic towns and homestay industry operators.
This kind of integrated building product, which combines the two industrial elements of "3D building printing" and "prefabricated building", can be used as an independent "homestay" alone, and can also be used in multi-layer assembly according to the needs of the owner.
(it can be used as "3D building printing" of "accommodation room")
(it can be used in multi-layer assembly mode according to the needs of shareholders)
Thus, the "3D assembly building" of Chinese land and sea can fully meet the application needs of various natural environments such as seaside, grassland, mountain forest, plain, etc. In terms of room type design, personalized customization can also be carried out according to the requirements of the accommodation operators to help the operators build a brand fan base.
Technology IP value enabling to build "personalized" selling point of tourism homestay
With the advantages of super convenient mobility, environmental protection, human comfort, structural stability, architectural diversity, etc., the technological IP value of "3D architectural printing" of Chinese land and sea will become an important selling point for the differentiation and personalization of tourism homestay.
As the most emerging building mode in the world, it is also the main implementation carrier of the "moon base plan" of China, the United States and other major countries in the world - 3D building printing, relevant traditional tent houses, container houses, which have more IP enabling value.
("3D building printing" is the main building mode of future "moon base")
There is no doubt that "new and unique" is an important starting point for consumers to choose tourism homestay. Taking the "3D building printing" technology representing future technology as the IP of homestay, and the dual empowerment of "technology + nature", more and fundamental brand value will be obtained,. This is the only "short-term effect" that netred IP cannot have.
It is based on the above advantages in tourism architecture that the land and sea of Chinese businessmen will take the "culture, tourism and real estate" inside the tourism homestay as an important field of marketing. At present, Lu Hai, a Chinese businessman, has completed a building tentatively named "red" in its factory. "View" of the two-story model building. This model building based on "3D assembly building" is assembled by 10 "single buildings". The production cycle of the factory is 30 days, and the field assembly cycle (including decoration) is 15 days.
("red. View (tentative name) "3D prefabricated building" complex)
Obviously, the "Soviet style landscape bridge" of the landscape part of the building is also completed through the construction of "3D building printing". In the future, relying on the art and cultural resources of Songzhuang Art District in Beijing, Chinese businessmen will provide more architectural works based on "3D architectural printing" technology for the "culture, tourism and real estate" project, so as to provide stronger IP enabling value for tourism enterprises, including those within the accommodation industry.
In terms of cost, the "3D assembly building" of land and sea of Chinese merchants has expanded a lot compared with the construction of traditional buildings, but it has advantages in the later construction maintenance.
Therefore, for the enterprises and operators who want to participate in "tourism homestay" or "tourism art characteristic town", this new IP building which can meet the requirements of the current national building standards is bound to be an important sail to explore the "blue ocean market" of tourism and residential industry!

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