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The first villa
Our company's newly developed 3D printing house machinery, 3D printer can print out the building houses binding steel bars with concrete at the construction site. The complete set of equipment may print general civil bungalows, villas, or high-rise building designs. The more complex it is, the more it can play its construction advantages. It greatly reduces the project cost, reduces labor, and cancels construction During the construction, the formwork is directly poured with 3D printer, and the construction period is changed. The printing time of such a villa is only 45 days, which is about 30% lower than the normal conventional building. The whole set of equipment is composed of four systems; 1. Raw material batching and mixing system 2. Concrete transmission system 3. Printing construction system of 3D printer 4. The whole printer lifting system, four systems combined into a complete construction system.
Windsor Castle
In recent years, 3D printing technology has realized commercial application in many fields. Among them, in the field of construction, high-grade cement and glass fiber are mostly used as raw materials "ink" in the use of 3D printing technology. However, due to the glass fiber will affect the human respiratory system, and the future recovery of high-strength cement is also difficult and other technical reasons, 3D building printing technology in the world has not been rapid popularization. Recently, the world leader in 3D building printing, Chinese businessman Lu Hai, took the traditional reinforced concrete as the "ink" and "printed" the "New Windsor Castle" with an area of more than 600 square meters in just two months. Immediately become the focus of global construction. Then, some experts think that the use of reinforced concrete "printing" by Chinese merchants on land and sea has become "New Windsor Castle" which has conquered the "biggest" original pain point in the world "of 3D architectural printing, and will greatly promote the widespread application of 3D printing technology in the field of architecture! It is understood that, as the only enterprise in the world that uses reinforced concrete as the raw material to print buildings as a whole, land and sea, a Chinese businessman, has been continuously working in the field of "3D building printing" and developing a set of world's leading 3D printing housing equipment.
Triangle Villa
It is different from the traditional "prefabricated building" that the beam, slab, column, wall and other building components will be built in advance, through the way of building blocks, the industrial mode of assembling in the construction site is different; Based on the technology of "3D printing house", the "3D assembly building" of Chinese land and sea mainly adopts the whole customized printing of "single building" in the factory, and finally solves the problems of traditional "assembly building" such as wall cracking, uneven plate joint gap, poor sound insulation effect, poor heat insulation effect, etc., and also provides one for residents High intelligent living space with "self reorganization".
Prefabricated Villa
Despite the rapid development of "3D printing house" technology, most of them are ultimately limited to conceptual design or demonstration, and there are few buildings that can truly realize residence. The most important reason is that in most of the printing scenes, it is impossible to integrate "steel bars", which leads to“ 3D printing house "technology can only be manufactured as a single story building, which can not realize the real commercialization of the technology.
Thermal insulation wall
After printing out a whole reinforced concrete villa with 3D printer at the end of 2015, through our continuous innovation and research and development, we have carried out a variety of development on the printed building wall structure, and can print any thickness of rock wool or hard thermal insulation material reinforced concrete wall in the cold climate zone. We can also print out the reinforced concrete with stress on both sides and the hollow wall in the middle of the wall. This kind of wall is suitable for the use in the south. The internal and external walls can be printed out at any time to smooth the wall reduction program. Moreover, we can develop different shapes of different kinds of ridges like Gothic European buildings, circular pointed roof building houses and herringbone ridge high roof and flat roof building houses through our experiments. These building structures are common The 3D printer head developed by us can be printed out with reinforced concrete, which has laid a solid foundation for the promotion of 3D printing architecture in the industry.
Septic tank
"If we don't have a well-off society, we can count toilets as a pile!" since the "toilet revolution" was launched in rural areas in 2015, the construction and reconstruction of toilets have brought great convenience to the vast number of rural residents. According to the requirements of the guidance on promoting the "toilet revolution" in rural areas, the harmless transformation of rural household toilets will be basically completed by 2020, and the prevalence of sanitary toilets will reach about 85%. However, in the process of vigorously promoting the "toilet revolution" in rural areas, the construction standard is low and the construction quality is poor due to the irregular work of changing toilets. Based on this, Beijing Huashang land and Sea Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Huashang land and sea) has launched a "3D movable toilet" that fully meets the relevant national building standards. According to experts in the industry, the advent of "3D printing toilet" is a milestone in promoting the rapid popularization of "toilet revolution" in rural areas of China.
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